Monday, November 5, 2012

Stovetop Fall/Christmas Scent

Ok, so this really isn't a "craft" but I found this idea and thought that I'd share it with you wonderful people!! This is easy, and when I saw it I thought to myself "why have I NOT done this before?" I spend A LOT of $$$ on air fresheners...There is almost 1 in every room/outlet...
It drives my husband INSANE because I'm always buying a new one.
When I walk past Bath & Bodyworks, I can't help but stop in and wish my house would smell exactly like this store! So I buy a couple *cough* cough 4 cough* cough* and go on my way.
This easy stove top method meets all my criteria for creations; easy, cheap, and homemade.
What you'll need:
  •  Whole Orange (quartered)
  •  Whole Apple (quartered)
  •  3 Cinnamon Sticks (can use powdered if that's what you have at home)
  •  1 Tbs Whole Cloves
  •  Dash of Nutmeg (optional)
  •  1/2 Cup Cranberries (if you can't find fresh, dried will work)
  •  Pot/ Sause pan
  •  Water
Ok, so above list is TOTALLY customizable!!! Any smells you love, just toss it in. This can be changed throughout seasons or moods of the day! :)
My creation is for the fall/Christmas/winter season and it's awesome!
Simply fill your pot maybe half way with water, then toss in your ingredients. Put the heat on medium to bring it to a slight simmer, then turn it down to the lowest setting on your stove and let it go.
This should obviously only be used when you're going to be home all day to watch it.
 *NEVER leave the stove unattended!*
I've had mine on the stove for a week, and the smell is still amazing when I turn it on. It fills my house with the wonderful smells that I adore this time of year!
Just simply add more water when it starts to run low. Do Not let the water completely evaporate!
You can always toss in new ingredients when you think the old ones are losing scent, but this should last a few weeks.
Happy Crafting

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