Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stained Glass Fall Shapes

It's the beginning of November, and I'm sooo in the Christmas spirit, but I thought I'd do a fall activity on this cool dreary day!
Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year. The smells of burning leaves/wood, the crisp cool air, hot chocolate by the fireplace, and all the cuddles under warm blankets. This inspired me to bring a little fall right into our home.
This activity is a little messy, but very fun! I guarantee the kids will love it!!
What you'll need:
  •  Crayons (I used fall colors ie: brown, orange, red, yellow, little bit of green)
  •  Grater (you could also use a crayon sharpener to help save your knuckles)
  •  Wax Paper
  •  Leaves (I found some fall shapes at my local Dollar Tree; acorn, pumpkin, & leaves. You can easily go outside and grab some leaves out of the front yard to trace.)
  •  Iron
You'll want to trace your shapes on wax paper. This is the tricky part. You can either cut the shapes out before or after you melt the wax. I tried both ways, and either way will work just fine. When I cut the shape before melting the wax, it was hard to get the wax all the way to the edges and also was a pain to actually cut. When I cut the shapes out after I melted the wax, the wax started to flake out. So I just re-melted it once I got it cut out. Like I said, whichever method you think will be easier will work.
Once you decide on your shapes, you need to shred your crayons. This is where the kids come in handy. My little is still a little to young for the grating of the crayons, but older kids will probably love this part. Just be sure to watch those knuckles!!! I got my hunny in there to help me! What a sweetie he is! <3
Spread your crayon shavings on your shapes.
Lay the other piece of wax paper on that, and iron. The longer you let the iron sit the more melted the colors look and they blend together more. So just do it to your liking.
Our front door looks so festive and beautiful! This was fun and easy so get to creating!
Happy Crafting

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