Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raised Salt Art

If you're looking for a cool activity for a rainy day, this one hits all the criteria; fun, easy, fast, and somewhat educational (if you are exploring how color travels through salt).
This is more of a older toddler activity. Although my little did love this activity, he wasn't as impressed with it as I was. He loved the mess the salt made though, so to him it was a success. :)
What you'll need:
  •  Elmer's Glue
  •  Table Salt
  •  Construction Paper (any color you want. black looks good against the bright colors)
  •  Liquid Water Color Paints work exceptionally well for this, but I didn't have any so I used a little water with food color added. This isn't extremely bright, but add less water and more color for a vibrant color. Also, in the picture I showed regular food coloring, but I ended up using the Betty Crocker Gel Neon colors which worked very well also.
  •  Paint brushes/Droppers/Pipettes
  •  Tray

Mix your food coloring with your water, or use your liquid water color paints. I ended up mixing other colors as well for this project that aren't pictured. (the neon colors)
Add your glue to the paper. Whatever your little one's heart desires. Make shapes, rainbows, whatever tickles your fancy!
Once your happy with the design, add the salt. Place your paper on a baking sheet/cookie sheet before adding the salt to avoid a HUGE mess. (I learned that the hard way) Cover all the glue with the salt. (don't be chincy with the salt, the more the better)
Pour off the excess salt.
My little's design. Original I know! :)
Once the excess salt is gone, use a pipette/dropper, or use what I did, a small paint brush to add color to your glue. The second it drips on there it sort of travels which is pretty cool. The 5/6 year olds will love this part!
Now this craft is more about the process rather than the outcome. Once it dries the salt/glue tends to flake off, so if you were hoping to store this project for years to come, it definitely won't make it. The colors fade a bit when dry so this craft is definitely more about the whole making process.
Happy Crafting

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