Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Portrait

This cute little craft is so easy, and you probably already have all of the tools to complete it! This literally took like 10 minutes to complete, and it turned out great!
This activity is more of a "mommy" job, but for the older ones, they can cut and glue.
What you'll need:
  •  Colorful paper (I used scrapbook paper because the papers you can find at Michael's are AMAZING)
  • Glue
  • Scissors or a Craft Knife
  • Profile picture of your subject (I looked through all my pics, and found a good profile pic then printed it out on the computer. The quality of the actual pic doesn't have to be great, just a good source for tracing.)
This is pretty easy, so I can pretty much explain this in a couple steps.
First, cut out your profile pic.
Then just trace it on the paper you want the profile to be on.
Glue whatever paper you want to be the background directly to your picture frame backing. I had an old frame laying around that I wasn't using, so I just spray painted the frame the color I wanted and used that. If you'll want to use the frame for something in the future, you don't have to glue it down, but it just looks better to me if it's glued. :)
Now glue the profile picture to the background paper. 

Here's our result! This is just TOO cute!! You can really play with this craft. There's a ton of papers to choose from. I think this craft is a good step up from the traditional black and white profile picture I did when I was in school.
This looks cute hanging on the wall in my little's room. Easy and inexpensive, and all from things I already had on hand!
Happy Crafting

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