Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bath Soap/Crayons

I have one of those kids that would LIVE in the bath tub if I'd let him (I know you're so jealous), so I'm always looking for things to keep him entertained in there. Most of the toys that he plays with in there needs disinfected like daily which is a pain in my you know what! So as I was pondering what I could come up with, I made a trip to Michael's and found MANY ideas. I settled on a soap/crayon idea...So i picked a mold and me and my little got to crafting!

Here's what you'll need:
  • Pack of Glycerin Soap
  • Mold
  • Food Coloring
Ok, so I used the clear glycerin soap from Michael's but there was several different choices, I just liked the see through look. The package is quite large too, but I'll have a lot left over for next time. I also wasn't quite sure what to use for my mold, so I looked around and just ended up using a lollipop mold. Not quite what it's intended for, but it did the trick. Next time I may spend more time scouring shelves for more crayon like shaped molds. Anywho, I broke off a few cubes of the soap and put them in 4 separate bowls and nuked them one at a time in the microwave for about a minute.

Mine took about a minute to completely melt, but all microwaves are different, so just check them in 30 second intervals. After it was melted, I took it out I mixed in some colors. My little picked blue, green, orange, and yellow!

After you get the color you want (it only takes a drop or two) mix and CAREFULLY pour into your mold. Please be careful while pouring, this soap is EXTREMELY hot and will definitely blister your poor skin!
How easy was that?!?! Now you just have to have some patience here and let them sit! It takes this soap quite a while to cool down so don't touch them for an hour or two.
Our finished result turned out pretty good! In the future I may look for a scent to add to this soap. It kind of reminded me of my grandma's bar soap that was always in the shower when I stayed over night and had to take a bath. Not exactly pleasant. The smell isn't bad, but I would like a fruity scent that when my little gets out of the tub I just want to eat him up! :)
Happy Crafting

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