Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Homemade Playdough

So, here is one of my FAVORITE crafts that I've done with my little. It does require the stove to make, so it was kinda hard to keep him involved, but with a little help from daddy it worked out quite nicely. I don't recommend having your little help unless you have an extra set of hands & eyes.
This activity is fast, easy, and tons of fun which is the prerequisites for pretty much any activity I end up doing with my little! And the mess is pretty minimal too which is just an added bonus. (its ok you can thank me later)
What you'll need:
  • 1c Flour
  • 1 c Water
  • 2 t Cream of Tartar (teaspoons)
  • 1/3 c salt
  • 1 T oil (tablespoon...and you can use whatever old you have on hand, vegetable, canola. I used canola)
  • Food Coloring
Now, this recipe makes quite a bit, but if you separate it into 2 separate batches you can get 2 maybe even 3 (depending on how much you want of each color) different colors out of this one batch. Now you may think this sounds like a lot of work, but hey, isn't your little worth it?!? It ends up going pretty quickly, so completely worth it!
Since I did two separate batches with this one amount, I just halved all the ingredients and mixed them together in two different pans. Start with adding all the dry ingredients, then add the liquids to it.
Turn your burner on to a little below medium and stir! It will probably be lumpy to start with, but that's ok, it will smooth out once it heats up. Once you see the start of it getting harder, add your food coloring. I used the Wilton gel colors because the colors are A LOT more vibrant, but you can use the liquid dropper type and get a nice color as well.
Keep stirring. You will notice it getting hard quickly, so don't take your eyes off of it! This entire process only takes a couple minutes so it goes really fast!
Once it gathers in a ball to the spoon, you'll know it's done. Take it off the heat and ball it up (careful it's very hot) and lay it on the table to cool. Once it's cooled let the little ones play till their hearts content! This is easy, quick, and most of all FUN!
For storage I just bought some dollar store small Tupperware and keep the lid sealed when my little isn't playing with it. It seems to last longer than the store bought stuff.
Happy Crafting

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